Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Blog...I am sorry.....

Wow, so between finals and Christmas shopping/crafting I haven't blogged in forever!!!!! I have so many awesome things to show you all however.....they are Christmas presents for my family and in the off chance one of them checks this I don't want to ruin the surprise!!!! I went outside the box this year and went a little "Tim Holtz" on a few of my projects. It's fun to get messy but I'm not diggin the clean up.......

So I am very very very very very very very very (you all get the point!!) to tell you all I have graduated from SAIT!!!!!!!!!!! 2.5 years and it is all over. Unfortunately the ceremony isn't held until May but it's exciting anyway!! YAY MMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! It's such an awesome feeling to know I have accomplished something big, however at the same time it will be strange not going to school in January!!!

Today is a very strange day for me. Two years ago today my Gpa lost his battle with cancer. I woke up very early this morning and couldn't sleep again. I re play that day over and over and over again. He was such an amazing man. He as full of life and love. No matter what you did you knew he was always there for you. He was always good for a cuddle. I miss that man every single day!!! LOVE YOU GPA.

Well that is all for me. I wish you all a wicked Christmas and and a Rockin' New Years!!!!! Keep safe and be smart.


Monday, December 8, 2008


Oh My Goodness!! My baby sister turns three today!!!!! I can't even believe it. It seems like just yesterday we met my dad in the hallway at the PLC where he introduced all 7 (that's right a big blended family) to this amazing, tiny, beautiful little baby girl. Now, I have no kids of my own but it was at that moment that I understood what my mom meant when she said instantly fell in love with each of us. Chloe was love at first sight!!!

Now three years later she is totally smart with the attitude of a 10 year old....LOVE IT. She is my best little friend and my love for her grows every single day!!! Thanks to Dad and Jen for such an awesome little girl!!

This layout was made for Beary Box. Check out their site!! They hold an awesome contest every week with amazing prizes!!!

Still looking for Christmas Presents (for scrapbookers....!!!) come check out the awesome new stuff at the Scrap Yard. New Tim Holtz "stuff" stamps, stickles...There is an awesome new Basic Grey calendar kit. Robin and Lori always order such awesome stuff!!!!!!!!

That's me.


Thursday, December 4, 2008


We are working out some kinks for our first Scrap 4 It event comming up in the new year. As soon as details are finalized I will let you all know ASAP!! I can't wait!!!



Monday, December 1, 2008


Me and my good friend Jen have started our own company!! And we are both very excited about it. We will be running crops and selling kits to raise money for different casues and charities here in Calgary. The venue is booked....the date is booked.....and I am gettin excited to be able (almost) to announce our first big crop comming up in the New Year!!!! So keep an eye on this blog for deatails of our brand new (in the works) website for Scrap4it.