Monday, September 29, 2008

Found these.....

I had taken pictures of some of my layouts I have up at the store a while ago and TOTALLY forgot about them.....

I am ususally not a "theme" paper kinda girl....however....this monkey paper from Daisy D's was sooo cute I HAD to use it. And look at Chloe's little monkey face!! So cute...I used to make the same one when I was little.

This is Studio 45 paper. I loved the green houndstooth paper.....Who wouldn't???? But I wasn't sure about the rest of it. I loved the ladies, but I hate the paper they were I cut them out...I LIKE IT!!!!

I went to the Craft show down at the Round Up Center this weekend. It was good...Glad to see scrapbooking is making it's way in there!!!! It was good to see some of my friends in the industry and to make some new ones. I got to meet Katharina Doyle, co-founder or Canadian Scrabooker magazine, who was awesome. There were also other stores down there so it was nice to meet them to!!!!

I am frantically trying to get my stuff together for the crop in Canmore this weekend. I CAN'T WAIT!!! But seeing as we are still working on our scrapbooking stuff is kind of all over.... SUCKS!!! But wow is this place gonna look good....back to scrapbooking....I still have to pick up all my pictures (from Costco, where else??) ...thank gosh i don't match my paper to my picture, so my paper is all ready to go. But that's all I planned...I am taking everything else this time.

Well I should get on with my day. Have a good one!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

I found a new one!!!

I have a seriouse blog addiction....I was doing my daily rounds when I hit Janine Wahls Blog. While reading her new post she had a link to another blog. Naturally I checked it out.....
This is Anam. I LOVE HER STYLE!!!! Found it really inspiring and if I was not at school right now I may have had to scrap!!! However....I am at school so I will have to save it for home.... BOOO!!!

Thats all.....


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back at Er!!!


Well school is back in!! Only one more semester and I can't really complain because I am only here two days a week!!! I have the boring classes this semester but I am acutally liking them!!! Crazy Hey??

I haven't scrapbooked at home in FOREVER!!! My scrap room is under construction...our whole upstairs is under construction....but its OK!!! NO MORE UGLY BLUE CARPET!!! I am also going to re-paint my room and change it up a bit. I can wait to post pictures when it's all done!! It's going to look amazing!!!

So what else is new??? My friend Jen just started her own blog....I LOVE BLOGS!!!...check her out....

I am teaching lots of classes and crops at the store this month...and we have a new web site!! It's very Robin and Lori..... It looks awesome!!!!!

I had two pages go up for Monday Night Class this month.... Summer in the City and Fall Favourites... which......was also in CANADIAN SCRAPBOOKERS!!!! 72..... its in the add....thanks Kristy and Cindy!!!!

Well thats all for me....Can't wait to show off my new scraproom... It's going to look amazing!! Oh I taught my sister, aunt and cousin last night at my Scrapbooking 101 Class!! It was fun....I love passing this hobby onto others!! Everyone seemed really enthused by the time the class was over!!

Oh on another note...I am never really finished....... I sent pictures into Costco for be printed...12 cents!!! I was sooooo excited.....LOVE COSTCO for pictures!! They do an awesome job. Now I can't wait for Canmore. This retreat is going to rock...I am so excited I could pee my pants!!!! (not litterally!!)

K see ya.