Monday, November 17, 2008

Before there was Chloe....

I always scrapbooked (is that a word?) Davy.... THEN IT STOPPED....but I made this for Beary Box. Hes soooo cute!!! Ha Ha Ha.

I so love Sassafrass paper. It was fun to scrapbook "boy" instead of "girl"....... and I freaking love that ASTRONAUT!!!!!! And Prima page pebbles are AMAZING!!!! so much fun....YAY....

Well I have a very important meeting with my friend Jen tonight.... man I am so getting excited to tell everyone about this!!!

That is all!!


Monday, November 10, 2008

How much do I love this job??

Ok so....CropnCruise put on a Crop-Crawl last weekend. Knowing Lori and Robin I knew they would deck out the store (and themselves) in Hawaiian paraphernalia but I did not expect all this!!! They even decorated me!! How amazing are these ladies??

Shrimp on the Barbie(doll)

All dressed up...waiting...

Waiting for the next bus of ladies to arrive

Robin with the Friday night ladies and Alison Orthner


The store looked amazing!!! Unfortunatly I had a very sick man at home and didn't stay for the whole day. That was also the night of the big Halloween party!!! Wow I have amazing friends!! So many came to help decorate...the true test was the clean up the next day...YIKES!!! How that much ends up on the floor.....???? The costumes were amazing and we had such an awesome time!!!

So Sketch #2 is now up on the Beary Box blog. Check them out. There are some awesome designers over there!!! Here is mine.... It's Chloe....AGAIN....she's is so cute though!!!! I was having a minimalistic kinda day....... things will get more exciting in the future!! (Ha's been one of those weeks)

Lynn Thune was in this weekend with her group....I have to say I am soooooo totally inspired by her!! I can't even explain her work. Its so 3D and touchable and AWESOME and she is one of the nicest people I have met!! Go see her work on her blog. Just amazing.

Well that's all I two posts in under 24hrs.....I am on a roll!! I am going to get Jordan to help me finish my room tonight!!! Hopefully tomorrow I can make something in there!!!! I'm so behind the ball.


Sunday, November 9, 2008


I just want to say thanks for all the awesome comments on my blog last week!!! I love the support and love you get in this industry!!!!!

I had a couple of people ask me some questions and thought I would answer them for you!!!

1). Do you make a living designing?? NO!!! I SO WISH I DID!!!! I love to design and teach and scrapbook and if I could make a full time job of it I SO WOULD, however it's slowly becoming that way. There is something about sitting around playing in my scrap room that just makes my day. This is the second design team I have been on and I love it.

2). How do I get on a Design Team?? I am a big blog addict!! I am checking blogs everyday. I also check out facebook groups on a daily basis too. The best way to get on a design team is to watch on blogs and web sites. They will often put out a call for designers through sites. Watch in magazines as well. Make contacts. I know lots of awesome ladies in the scrapbooking community here in Calgary. It never hurts to know a lot of people.

Ok so moving on!!! I just sent in my second page for Beary Box today. I thought I would post the first one I did for you guys. I have to say that BASIC GREY, while it had always been my favourite, has totally out done themselves on this new line..... Granola is soooo my new favourite. It is sooo organic and sub-dude and........ I LOVE IT.

Well....I am still not finished my scrap room so no pictures to show you there!!!! Soon......very very soon!!!
Hope you all had an awesome weekend!!!