Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So I have been a little absent these days I guess!! Lots been going on....

1. I stepped down from Beary Box last month. It was a hard decision for me because they are all so awesome over there but I have to much to do and felt I wasn't able to give it 100%. Congrats to Joey who's expecting her first baby!!!

2. I have been in and out of doctors offices for a variety of reasons!! One was my leg. That was a mess. I had the biggest cankle for a week!! It was painful. Note to self... If you leg is itchy after you shave them DO NOT SCRATCH!!!!! It was all infected and... I will spare you the details. Jordan was in with a perforated ulcer in his throat. Then I was back one more time for another thing and ended up becoming the human pin cushion, not to mention the ultrasounds. I NEVER WANT TO GO BACK TO A DOCTORS OFFICE AGAIN!!!!!!

3. I am trying to get caught up on projects that I started for the store. The good news is is that the owl mini album instructions are finished!! Just needs pictures.

4. I went to the cabin with the girls at the end of Feb. That was awesome. I love going up there. No one around... that's a lie. My friend got her car stuck in the drive way (mountains of snow!!) so we had to get the guy down the street to pull us out.

5. I went to Canmore with my Mom, Gma, Amanda, Ash, Erin, Erin's mom Karel, and Eileen. Lorna always does such a good job with her retreats. We were up till 4 in the morning and up again at 8. I was so sleep deprived by the time I got home on Sunday. My sister (who doesn't scrapbook... well she does now) did an awesome Job and was up late with us every night. She is so creative that one!!

6. Jordan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We are going away this weekend but went for dinner at the Japanese Village on Saturday night. That place is awesome!! GO!!!

7. It's time to get a "Big Girl Job" which makes me sad because I love working at the store and Robin and Lori are SOOOOO good to me. I've been sending out resumes left right and center. I will still work at the store though, just not as much as I do now. I love it here!!!

8. My dad is gone!! He's moved to Abu Dahbi. He will come back for two weeks in May and then they are gone for 5 years!! YIKES. I got to talk to him on yahoo chat last night. We signed I love you over the web cam and I wanted to cry. I am such a family girl that I can't imagine not seeing them all the time. Jen, Chloe, and Austin will join him there before the new school year begins. You can bet I'll be visiting next year for sure!! It looks amazing there and I am so excited for them!!!

I will try to not let this run away from me again!!!! At least once a week is my goal... HA HA HA!!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Founds this...

on Laura's Blog. You are supposed to.....“Go into your photo archive, pick the 4th folder in the archive, select the 4th picture in the folder, and write about it. Then tag 4 other people to do the same”

It sounded like fun to me so here it is...... (and I haven't looked yet to see what it is.....)

This is me and my girl friends on New Years this year. It was a Mardi Gras theme (as you can tell by the beads hanging around our necks!!) One of my best New Years ever!!! Me and my friend Ashley (second from the right) threw it at her place. We must have had like 30 ppl there. Parties with these ladies are never dull!!

Well that was fun!! I am so excited for this weekend!!! 8 of us are heading out to Canmore for another retreat!!! My little sister is coming this time and I can't wait. I love getting out of town!!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009


I didn't forget I just wanted it to be at the top!!


She is 21 tomorrow. LETS GO TO VEGAS!!!!!
I am so proud of this girl. She is amazing.

Love ya!!
Big Sister

Just A Layout....

Well I am heading off for a weekend with the girls and won't be blogging all weekend so I thought I would leave you with a layout. Its 6x12 and not as crazy as they normally are but oh well.... it happens....

Thats me.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Journal

So Robin and Lori bought me this Journal (Wreck this Journal by Kerri Smith) when they were in Vegas LAST year. They are so awesome to me!! If you know me, then you know I hate when my books get crumpled, stained, or WRECKED!!!! Doing this journal is almost therapeutic for me... ha ha. I have been passing it around to friends and family and have started taking pictures of everyone WRECKING my journal.
Those good looking people are my brother (Logan 18) and my sisters (Amanda 21 and Chloe 3) They all took a stab (almost literally) at the Journal. Logan set one page on fire and we almost lost the whole book... I guess it's all part of the fun. Chloe needed some encouraging to toss the book off the railing ("you aren't supposed to throw books" were her exact words) The stains were pretty fun.

I totally recommend this Journal TO EVERYONE!! So much fun. You can buy it at Urban Outfitters or Chapters.

Well that's all for me!!!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One of those days....

Today is totally one of those days. I am soooo sick and have been for a few days now. Everything hurts from coughing so much!!!! Then..... I read something that I knew I'd get upset over (but did it anyway) Oh well right..... kicked my self in the butt there!!!!!! It's almost one of those "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" kinda days..... but I always have something nice to say....

I had an awesome time this weekend. Didn't get to see my movie (hes just not that into you) but I did go with these ladies (see below in my latest beary box design) to the Marilyn Munro exhibit down town. It was great!!!! What a life that lady had!! Wow!!!

Speaking of Beary Box.... check out the blog every Monday (layouts) and Thursday (Cards) and take part in the competition!!!!! Joey gives away awesome prizes every week!!!

Big yay to Jordan. I now have a million games on my DS... guess what I have been doing since I was sick..............I have to say Mario Party is totally addicting!! Yikes......

I have been doing a lot of brain storming these days...... lots going on up there. I will let you know more on that after I hash it out with the girls on girls weekend.

Thanks Guys.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Hi guys.

So here is my latest Beary Box design....

I went 6x12 with this one. It was a lot of fun but harder than I thought it would be. Lynn Thune makes it look so easy!!!! I had to shrink my sketch obviously. I made this at my good friend Ashley's house. That's her in the picture. I didn't have any pictures with me so I had to borrow one from her.... LOOK, YOU MADE MY BLOG ASH!!!!!!! Love her.

I also did this one 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately the picture of this one is really really dark!!! It was on craft card stock and is actually a pretty bright page. This is my beautiful sister a couple years ago at Easter.... deep in thought.

Also my Canyon Layout is the feature layout over at calgaryscrapbooking.com. Its a web site totally devoted to Scrapbooking in Calgary. They have some awesome layouts in their gallery not to mention tips, tricks, and all you want to know about Calgary Scrapbooking.

So I have been out in Airdrie for the last week watching my sweet little sister Chloe. She is such a good girl and I am very proud to say that she made her first every scrapbooking page!! I didn't take pictures which I should have but I will next time I am out there. It was soooo adorable. She was very very proud of herself!!!

Well that is all for me.... OH apparently my little sister does read my blog from time to time so... HI AMANDA!!!!!! ha ha.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to the Scrap Yard!!!!!!!

So they have been open since Sept 24th 2007!!!! Jan 17th we had a big crop to celebrate. Unfortunately due to some family medical reasons Lori couldn't make it..... we missed her.

The day was awesome though. Robin did an awesome job of getting all the last minute details together. You should have seen our workroom.... I think there were tables under all of the boxes but I am still not so sure.

The day was great. The Canyon Meadows community hall was awesome. Lots of natural light, there was lots of room. Lots of friends and good food, make-and-takes and games. Everyone had a great time. 12 hours flew by.

I wouldn't let them in until 10... it was really cold outside that day!!! Crazy Ladies.

Diane and Diana (2 of the Chicks with Blades)

Queen Lynn and her Princesses Joanne and China

Elieen and Mom making a mess...... ha ha

Lynn Thune at her make and take table.... Love how messy she gets when she scrapbooks.

Margo showing off the Bind-It-All

Playin Wheel of Fortune ( I was Vana)

Sarah, Chrissy, Lori M and Gail

More Chicks w/Blades

Last but not least, little Tristan. I love this kid. He is sooo cute. His brother Kaleb is equally adorable!!!! I keep telling Lori M I am gonna steal them!! It didn't go over so well....

Robin had some awesome friends that same and helped out that day. Lisa, Roslynn, and Leanne were awesome and so much fun. And Robins mom Gail made all the sanwhiches again!! She is awesome!!!!!!!!!

Wish Lori could have been there for all the fun, but she was where she needed to be... we missed her sermons though..... ha ha ha.... she always makes me laugh.


I gotta get better at this.....

Ok First off..... Here are just a few of the pictures my wonderful friend Laura took of me!!! She has her own photography company, Soul Photography, and she is awesome. She is so much fun that you can just relax and goof off!!! Love her. And she did an awesome job. I am still waiting for a couple but I love these ones.

Here are my latest Beary Box layouts. Don't forget about the weekley challenge over at the blog. Joey's giving away some awesome stuff from CHA.

These are both a little dark....oh well.
I think that is all for me....for now......

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is what they call neglect....

Wow. Long time no blog. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. I KNOW I DID!!! It was such a fun year for me, I felt like a little kid. Wii, Nintendo DS, Sock Monkey, New OWL Purse, and so much more. It was so much fun. Lots of family and friends. That's the way to do it. Oh and not to forget the FOOD!!!! YYYYUUUUMMMMYYYYY. Everyone loved the gifts I made them, even got a tear out of moma.

I have to say it's totally bizzar not being in school right now BUT I LOVE IT!!!!! I am having so much fun spending more time at the store. I get to concentrate more on where I want to go with all of this.... speaking of that.... I should tell you all that I am not taking part in the Calgary Crop for Kids as I had previously spoken about. It is a very long and sad story but I wish them luck.....it's for a great cause.

Lets see, what else is going down around here.... I am still trying to get my room all done. I just got so busy last year and let it slip. I have still been scrappin but there are things in there that need to be cleaned up from NOVEMBER!!!!!! It's looking good but it's still not clean or FINISHED!!! Lot's to do still. I am heading to Edmonton this weekend with some girlfriends and I am making a stop Urban Outfitters to stock up on some awesome decor!!!!

Here are a few of my recent Beary Box Layouts. Go check out the blog!!! They have some great designers over there.

Going through a "man color" fase........ not to worry!!! I feel some pink commin' on. Well that is all for me for now. Sorry again for the big lag......