Friday, April 4, 2008

Long Time NO Blog....

Wow its been so long since I have is nuts right now lots of projects on the go but at least this semester I have add a little scrappin to the projects........ can't wait for summer to scrapbook the fun stuff!!!

I'm going away this weekend with my mom and my gma and our friend Eileen.... can't wait.... 4 hours and counting... I will post pictures on here on monday...I"LL HAVE LOTS!!! Can't wait to SCRAP ALL WEEKEND!!! However I've been making kits and crop pages with no pictures for a while so and I'm a little nervouse to open up my BIG (I printed off a million pictures at Costco) pack of pictures!!!

Speaking of Costco.... they have the best picture printing and its sooooo cheap...even cheaper than Wal-Mart... and awesome quality.....just an FYI!!!!

See ya.


Shannon said...

I found that Costco is better to. But can you have small pictures printed there if you e-mail them??