Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'm working on some canvases right now and I LOVE THEM.... but I'm not posting them yet.....soon... anyway here are some more layouts I've been doing...I have decided to put up a rack in my room and put them all up along the top of my walls, they don't get seen in books....

I have to say I rarely do just one picture but I'm loving it right's my new thing I think...I like the freedom of not scrapbooking certain events. Just pictures I love or things I need to say....TRY IT!!!

Chloe's Bigger Bed...I KILLS ME THAT SHE HAS A BIGGER BED!!! She is growing up toooo fast. I want to freeze her now!!

LOVE THIS's one of my favourites... It's my group from school who I LOVE. The are all awesome people who I miss already!!! Unfortunaly you can't really see the clear embellishments but they're there!!!

Thats all folks!!



Vanessa said...

Love how the colors in the bed match the paper but the pattern is different. What company is that paper from??