Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Layouts....

I did two new layouts today!!! I love them....They are both totally different but that's ok....Im doing single pages for a while I saying that I have a stack of doubles waiting to be made!!!

This on is obviousely about my GPA. I love this picture of us, you can't see them but i have little cowboy boots on!!! I didn't want to much else on the page. It's really simple but it works..... This one on the other hand....I scraplifted.....I love this paper and the picture is sooo adorable. Its so busy but it's mostly just the paper.. I didn't add to many embellishments.

Anyway...that is all....I'm going to bed...or to scrap more..??
PS...I still can't figure out how to take awesome pictures of my layouts...any suggestions??


Anonymous said...

try placing your layout on a white background and take the picture straight on.

Anonymous said...

I love the page with the little girl on it!!!! Its so beautiful. I love yoru layouts.

Vanessa said...

love the paper with the dear on it. I like the way you used the paper to. I find it hard to use paper like that sometimes.