Saturday, August 16, 2008


So I am trying to get a little Organized around here!!! I figured it was time to put some layouts in albums!! No one's gonna see 'em while they sit on my shelf. While I was doing this I figured I would take some pictures of a couple of them and post them on here!! Only two are new.....the last two...but it's been so long whats the difference!! Ha Ha!!!

It's ME!! Love all that Elsie stuff, and Prima Tape!!!

Sister Love. I used the Indy Art cartridge on the Cricut for this page... and added some wings.

My Daddy!!! Love Hambly Transparency sheets!! The grid is my ABSOLUTE fave!!!

Good times on 17th Ave. Used coragated cardboard to make the it!!

This one says "U R My Sunshine" I used to sing that to her when she was little. I think we all did!! You totally can't see it on the picture but I used masking tape on the left side of the photo. It was my first time and I looks cool on the real thing.

Well thats all. I feel so much better getting these up!!! Like a load lifted off my shoulders!!! Had an awesome time scrapin with my friend Ash today!!! Love scrapbooking with her!!!!
Thats All!!!


Laura said...

great LO's my dear friend!!!
always fun checking out your blog!