Friday, August 15, 2008

Just Playing Around

So...I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading blogs. Its becoming worse than my facebook addiction. One blog in particular though gets me every time!! Adrienne Loomans!!! Her work....her was amazing. I love the way she edits her photos. So quite by accident (I double clicked or somthing!! ha ha!!) the other day...I found that the lap top has a program do that!!! I WAS SOOO EXCITED!!!! So here are some of the photos I was playing around with.

Back ally in Victoria. Love the way it turned out.

MY FAVE!!!! She is soo cute to start with though!!!

This one was just fun to change the colors. I am editing EVERYTHING!!! ha ha. So there will be more I am sure. I haven't been scrapbooking lately....I think I am in a scrapbooking RUT!!! Any advice???? I have also been teaching kids camp all week. It's alot of fun!! Those kids are crazy!! I will have some pictures up next week hopefully!!!

Thats all folks!!